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Swamp People

AnnaTheArcher and Ashley "Deadeye" Jones hunt alligators together on Swamp People. Anna loves bowhunting alligators and you may see her use the bow on the show to harvest them.


AnnaTheArcher's mission is to increase outdoor participation by educating and promoting positive, ethical and safe outdoor practices. 


Anna's Story

AnnaTheArcher was born and raised in south Louisiana. She grew up playing basketball, ditch fishing and eating crawfish. Contrary to popular belief, she was not introduced to hunting or archery until her early twenties.


Anna first picked up a bow while attending LSU. She had always wanted to try archery and started competing in local 3D archery tournaments. After graduating with a degree in horticulture, she moved to Florida where she spent most of her days at the Bear Archery Factory in Gainesville. She was introduced to bowhunting and national 3D archery competitions.

Bowhunting has given Anna a new perspective on life. She enjoys harvesting her own food and being able to provide for herself and others. She currently hunts deer, nutria, alligators, hogs and turkey with her bow. Anna enjoys the learning experiences in the field. Bowhunting requires much practice and according to Anna, "Patience is required!"

Anna currently resides in her home state of Louisiana where she hunts alligators for a living. She recently completed her master's degree LSU with a focus on invasive aquatic plants. When she's not hunting gators, Anna works as the social media strategist for the LSU AgCenter. 


AnnaTheArcher bowhunts invasive nutria in the Louisiana marsh.

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