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Leupold RX- Full Draw 3 Review

The best rangefinder for a bowhunter!

A Rangefinder for a Bowhunter

I've been on the hunt for a great bowhunting rangefinder and Leupold came to the rescue with the Leupold RX- Full Draw 3. This rangefinder is actually made for the bowhunter. Based on Leupold's claims, it is called an archery rangefinder because it will give you angle corrections out to 175 yards, but then past that it will give you yardage based on the line of sight. And for a bowhunter that is exactly what I'm looking for!

Anytime I have had an issue with a Leupold product, there customer service has gone above and beyond to resolve the issue. For me personally, I am not great at judging yardage, so I really love this rangefinder. And guess what? It ranges black targets! You're welcome. Check it out for yourself!

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