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Realtree Camouflage Patterns

Which Realtree camouflage is the perfect fit for your hunting adventure? I break it down!

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Realtree Camouflage

I am honored to be a pro-staffer for Realtree and I love being part of the family. Did you now that Realtree offers different camo patterns basses on the terrain you will encounter and the region you hunt? So let's jump right into the great patterns offered by the best camouflage company in the world!

Realtree Edge™

#huntwithanedge I am a big fan of the Realtree Edge™ pattern. This is my main camouflage pattern I use that works well in South Louisiana around pines, oaks, and magnolias. I also use it in Missouri where I encounter dozens of those blasted red cedar trees (aka Juniperus virginiana).This pattern is all about concealment allowing you to blend into your hunting environment at close range. The natural elements help disrupt the human form. The pattern contains different oak leaves and junipers, along with highlights and shadows to break up your outline.

Realtree Timber™

#owntheflyway Carved from the delta, Realtree Timber™ is the revolutionary new waterfowl pattern....But notice the picture of the bowhunter in Timber™. So this pattern is great not only for waterfowlers, but turkey, deer and big game hunters! I really like this pattern. It blends in well in south Louisiana with its realistic bark pattern and depth. This pattern is created for areas with flooded timber to help you truly #owntheflyway.

Realtree MAX-5®

Realtree MAX-5® is built with the waterfowler in mind. It features cattails, reeds, cane, grasses that blend into flooded marshes. The corn, wheat, oats, and sunflowers help hide you in open fields. It also features open areas that mimic mud, water, bark, and shadows.

Coming Soon! Realtree EXCAPE™

Welcome the newest camouflage pattern to the collection, Realtree EXCAPE™. Look for this pattern in the fall of 2020! EXCAPE™ is designed to appear unstructured while distinctly mimicking natural elements seen in western terrains. if you're a western big game hunter, this pattern is a must!

Find Your Perfect Fit!

Need some help in deciding which pattern is right for your hunt? Check out the Realtree camo guide:

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